1. Sasha

    Thank you for international answer :-).
    "Converter to use it in Sweden – it was not easy to find it". Maybe in Gallerian, in "Clas Ohlson"? There they have plenty of such things.
    "Surfing is not very quick". Hm … day ago RIM posted a video on YouTube – comparition between browsing in iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook (which will be release in 2011). According to that test iPad has a very slow browser 🙂

    Thanks, it was interesting to find out about your gadget.

  2. I went to Clas Ohlson in an other galleria. The man I talked to gave me an adapter with wrong amper. When I went back they had an adapter for me, to a cost of 399 SEK. There where no correct adapter at Clas Ohlson, only lots of converters for Swedish-US, not US-Swedish.

    Yesterday I wrote a little more. If you are not Swedish you can use Google Translate 🙂

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